Eco Facts

recyclingIn today’s environmentally minded paint market, you need products that will not only meet industry standards but exceed them as well. Crawford’s Natural Blend Painter’s Putty is one of those products.

Over 50 years of continued product development, testing, growth and monitoring has given the paint industry a scientifically superior and environmentally advanced painter’s putty.

Contains a quality blend of refined linseed oils – nature’s renewable resource.

Contains 100% non toxic water and dry ground calcium carbonates.

Water, not chemically, preserved for in-can protection and extended shelf life.

Independent lab tested 25 voc/gpl. That’s 92% less than currently allowed by stringent Calif. AQMD requirements!

No EPA warning label requirements for interior use or disposal. Note: Refer to MSDS for additional information.

No Prop 65 warning required.

Contains no white lead, asbestos, asbestos-like fibers, added silica or harsh chemical preservatives.

Independent lab tested hypoallergenic to the majority of the population.

Independent lab tested non toxic when used as directed.

Packaged in metal containers which are interior coated and void of lead or other harmful welding compounds.

In-plant product recycling of putty scrap material equals zero waste 100% of the time.

Low to zero odor.

Always use according to label directions.

EcoFact: In order to help reduce truck traffic within the community, our docks remain closed on Fridays.