Putty Instructions

Crawford’s Natural Blend is a ready-to-use, multi-purpose painter’s putty for use on old and new wood surfaces-inside or out. Select quality raw materials included blended, all refined natural linseed oils (to help guard against bleeding), water0ground calcium carbonates for product workability and paint grade titanium for maximum brilliance. In a step taken long ago toward environmental awareness, Crawford’s Natural Blend contains no white lead, asbestos or harsh chemical preservatives. Crawford’s Natural Blend easily and quickly fills nail holes, counter sunk primed nail heads, shallow hammer marks, small cracks and other minor defacements on a variety of wood surfaces. Crawford’s Natural Blend exhibits easy knifing; has excellent adherence to primed wood surfaces; resists cracking, shrinking and sagging; and is packaged in water for extended shelf life.

Directions: Upon opening container pour off protective layer of water. Remove amount of material needed. Dab dry excess moisture with cloth or rag. Important: When not in use keep putty level in can and top again with ordinary tap water. Place lid on tightly to keep material from drying inside container. On surface to be puttied first remove all loose paint, splinters, dirt chalk, grease, etc. Sand any glossy areas to help insure maximum adhesion. Dust the surface clean with a dry paint brush. Use only on clean, dry and primed surfaces. New or unpainted wood should be fully primed prior to use.

Roll putty with hand into the shape of a point then press firmly into holes with thumb and forefinger. Holding a clean, dry putty knife in the opposite hand, quickly cut off material in one motion. When properly performed the cut should leave the patched area smooth and filled capacity thereby eliminating the need to sand. Larger holes and cracks may require more than one application to obtain this result. Once putty has been applied, allow it to form a protective surface skin (top dry). For nail holes and other minor defacements whit process takes approximately 24 hours. Note: Top drying may be slowed by cold, damp weather plus size and depth of fill. Also, do not touch putty once it has been placed in hole. This action may break the thin surface membrane which has formed. (If applying lacquer top coat or oxygen inhibitive coatings, putty should be allowed to dry and minimum of 60 to 80 hours.) Once sufficient drying time has elapsed, prime and paint-particularly when product is being used on exterior surfaces. Aras patched which are going to be top coated with a gloss or semi-gloss paint should always be sealed. Do no apply this product to any surface other than wood.

Note: It is the responsibility of the user to follow application instructions and to properly prepare surface prior to an after product application. Use is responsible for determining if this product is suitable and fit for the application and substrate on which it is intended to be applied.

Important: Keep out of the reach of children. Do not take internally. Wash hands and tools with soapy water after each use. Protect from freezing. Do not thin with any solvent. Do not add whiting. Replace water and keep lid on tightly when not in use. Store in a cool place. Do not leave container exposed to direct sunlight for prolonged periods of time. Do not apply in temperatures below 55 degrees F.

The manufacturer’s liability under any warranty, whether expressed or implied, by contact or law, is hereby limited to replacement of this product. If found to be defective upon inspection by CPC, Inc. In no case with CPC, Inc. reimburse or be responsible for labor cost of the cost of the consequential damage in conjunction with the use of this product. CPC, Inc. shall not be held liable for any representations or claims made by its employees, agents, dealers or any applicator. Other conditions also apply. Users are responsible to request, understand and agree to these conditions prior to purchase of use of this product.

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